We have a lot to offer

the countryside aviation difference


Knowledge & Experience

Experienced applicators can make all the difference.  Owner Dean has been in the aerial application business for over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of all the variables that add up to a successful quality application of liquids, fertilizers and seeds.  All Countryside pilots, regardless of prior experience are personally trained by Dean in these successful application methods, and only highly experienced and carefully selected partners are invited to join Countryside during peak periods.  We also have our own skilled aircraft maintenance team to keep our busy aircraft up with required inspections throughout the season, and to minimize any required as well as unexpected downtime.  Our team is known for the great job they do. 

New Aircraft

Countryside invests in new high capacity aircraft, latest onboard technologies and has custom equipment to assist in the loading process.  New Aircraft result in less down time and more time spent in the air flying for you.  Not only are our aircraft equipped with all the hardware and technology to ensure accuracy, but we are skilled in the use of that technology, which can mean the difference between a seeding job with corner to corner coverage versus streaking for example.  Frankly - we know what we are doing out there and the care of your fields will be in good hands.


Not only do we pride ourselves in quality work, but we get the job done in a timely manner.  With a strategic partnership that involves an online based order management system, we can plan in advance for your work, and work within your desired application windows.  And once we arrive with our new high capacity aircraft, we spend more time out over the field covering acres and less time back at the airport loading.  Higher capacity aircraft also allows us to get the job done fast for emergency outbreak applications. 

Online Ordering

We offer retailers a free subscription to our online order management and aerial mapping program to make working with us easier than ever.  No need to print out maps and bring them to the airport, no need to worry about what format or map views we need from the airplane - this program takes care of all that for the both of us and tracks the job from start to finish.  Please visit this page of our retailer section for more details on why this is an important feature of our relationship.