Our Fleet


We operate and invest in new high capacity aircraft: reliable turbine engines, leading technology, and advanced GPS systems with flow control technology.  New aircraft means less down time and the latest features.  High capacity loads mean we spend more time out over the field and less time on the ground refilling, and enables us to cover the most acres.  Leading technology means the difference in highly controlled quality application.



The world's most popular ag airplane.  Known as the industry work horse it is an excellent combination of payload and performance.  This high capacity aircraft allows us to cover a lot of acres in each trip. 

Engine SHP: 750 @ 2200 RPM

Wingspan: 52 feet

Working Speed: 120 -145 mph



A platform for both aerial application and instruction.  This two seat aircraft delivers all the productivity of the 502B, but allows us to use the aircraft to provide training, instruction, and quality performance evaluation.  

Engine SHP: 750 @ 2200 RPM

Wingspan: 52 feet

Working Speed: 120 - 145 mph



The world's largest single engine ag aicraft, unmatched in high production agriculture.  The 802 allows us to stay longer over the field, complete more jobs in a single load, and has the capacity to do the work of several smaller planes.    

Engine SHP: 1,295 @ 1700 RPM

Wingspan: 59.2 feet

Working Speed: 130-160 mph