Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits and advantages of aerial application?

There are many benefits to treating crops by air including being able to treat when fields are wet, no damage to the crop, fast disease and insect management, quality application and complete coverage. Also seeding allows for jump start for pre-harvest cover crop planting. Please visit our "advantages" section to learn more. 

How much can you get done in a day? 

We have new high capacity aircraft that are capable of completing thousands of acres each day, depending on weather and distance of fields of course.  Please visit our Fleet information page for more information.  

How much does aerial application cost? 

Cost on average is a couple dollars/acre more than ground applications, but there is no yield loss from tire tracks or crop runover which can be up to 5 percent of the crop.  Prices vary by location and depend on distance from airports, size and shape of fields, and other factors that come down to how much time it will take and how much fuel it will burn.  Our prices also reflect our superior quality equipment, quality application, and quality pilots. You will likely find our prices fair like the many retailers, food processing companies, and individual growers that use our service.