Countryside Aviation is a distributor of select products. We don’t sell anything we don’t trust and use for our own business and want to provide your business with the same quality items.

Please call for information, pricing, and availability.

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We are a user, distributor and install facility for AgPilotX guidance systems. AgPilotX is a new and innovative guidance system built by Insero for aerial applicators.  It uses 3 simple wireless components to accomplish everything a pilot needs – 1) a Lightbar, 2) a Hub and 3) an Apple iPad.  All the components are “smart” meaning they run off their own computer and work independently of the other devices.  All 3 devices work in concert and communicate to each other wirelessly.


Cover Crop Seed

We provide a complete cover crop seed package including aerial application. We are highly experienced and familiar with cover crop seeding, species and favorable growing conditions, as well as government programs for conservation incentives.

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Ag Lasers Altimeters

We are a user and dealer of Ag Lasers for agricultural aircraft. The laser acts as a guide for optimum crop spraying height by measuring the distance between the airplane and crop.  The laser units are compact, class 1 eye safe, rugged, laser distance range finders which are incorporated to function as an altimeter.