Not limited by wet soil conditions

We treat from above.  With aerial application, rains and wet soil do not delay crop treatment when it's needed.  We can get the job done when ground rigs cannot. 


No crop loss or damage

Since aircraft do not come into contact with the stand there are no tire tracks, no run over, and no yield loss due to application equipment.


It's fast, much faster 

Aerial Application is the fastest and most efficient method of application today.  Our high capacity aircraft can complete thousands of acres a day each.  For large growers and retailer groupings this means we can cover entire projects in a day's time. 


Does not cause top soil runoff

Since the airplane flies overhead, it does not compact the soil and does not create a source for top soil erosion. 


Does not spread disease

We don't make our way through the field from the inside so we can not spread disease to non contaminated areas of the field. 


Complete coverage

Turn by turn advanced GPS guidance through the field ensures complete coverage with visual confirmation and flow control technology ensures an even rate of application from start to finish.