100% Online Order Management From Start to Finish

Unlike other programs, Retail and Food Partners of Countryside Aviation are provided with a NO FEE mapping and order management program that allows mapping with ease and tracking of jobs from start to finish.  All orders are sent to us electronically, eliminating the manual delivery of paperwork and preventing lost information.  It also standardizes the mapping format catered to aerial applicators so you won't have to worry about providing the proper flight information.

Available through Flight Plan Online.    

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Online based order system can be used with ease from your desktop or a mobile device.  You will be able to easily map fields, add products and rates, adjacent crops or sensitive areas, add comments and estimated application windows.  You can also easily release and send jobs when they are ready to go! 


stay updated and receive notifications

You will be able to easily see which jobs are accepted, scheduled, and completed.  You won't have to go out of your way to check on a job status.  You (and your grower) can even receive email notifications with application reports when jobs are sprayed. 


It's in the details

You won't have to worry if you are providing the right information for an airplane.  The system generates all the specific information we need as aerial applicators and information to download to our aircraft GPS.  And once the job is sprayed an application report is immediately available online that generates all the legally required information for applications so your DATCP requirements will be met.